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OPV Adjustment

This is the current best tut on this:


  • Turn off and unplug machine
  • Remove the top cover
  • Slide hose clamp on OPV back along the hose
  • Squeeze the clamp fully with pliers to make it easy to slide
  • Pull the hose off of the OPV
  • Remove the locking collar by gently prying up each wing and sliding it off
  • Rotate the plastic shaft to adjust the pressure
  • Counter-Clockwise decreases pressure
  • Clockwise increases pressure
  • One quarter turn is approximately equal to 1 bar of adjustment
  • Replace the locking collar
  • Slide the tube back on
  • Slide the clamp back on
  • Turn on machine and test pressure
  • Install portafilter with blind basket
  • Hold 1 cup button
  • Check pressure