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I'm trying out some doc hosting stuff on this repo for fun and to make it look a bit nicer. The readthedocs page is here: GitHub Pages Site

This repo is meant to be a knowledge base for mods to the Breville Dual Boiler espresso machine. This focuses on (but is not limited to) the rerouting of tubes to the hot water needle valve to enable flow profiling. Background here: Home Barista Thread

Sample Image


Slayer Mod - This is a pictorial guide to doing this mod

Pulling with the Slayer Mod - This focuses on actually pulling shots once the mod is completed. This includes how the pulls work, what the best profiles are, and theory on profiles.

Upgrades - This focuses on other upgrades that can be made, including replacing the needle valve, replacing the pump, plumbing in, and others.

Maintenance - This covers maintenance, both preventative and reactive, as well as general routine maintenace and cleanup that should be performed


Models for 3D printing can be found here.